What is CDR and why is it important?

CDR stands for Consumer Data Right, a framework designed to give consumers greater control over their own data. It empowers individuals to safely access and share their data with trusted parties. At Datalis, adhering to CDR is fundamental as it aligns with our mission of returning data control to the users. By following CDR rules, we ensure the highest standards of data protection and privacy, promoting a transparent and user-centric platform where your data is handled with the utmost respect and security.

What is a “Data-Point”?

A data point is a piece of information that, when collected and analyzed in large quantities, contributes to a broader understanding of certain trends or behaviors. In Datalis, data points are generated from your anonymized data, which are then grouped with other data points to create valuable insights for brands and advertisers. Your individual data remains anonymous, ensuring your privacy while still enabling you to benefit from sharing your data.

What other brands are affiliated?

While we are in the nascent stages of building brand partnerships, Datalis has garnered early backing from the global venture capital firm Antler, showcasing a strong foundation and promising collaborations in the future.

How much money can I expect to make?

Initially, with basic data connections, you could earn around $40-50 per month. However, as more data connections are introduced and the platform evolves, your earning potential is set to increase substantially.

How will my data be used, and by whom?

Your data is anonymized and transformed into data points which are then marketed to brands and advertisers for insights. These insights help companies to understand market trends and consumer behaviors, aiding them in making informed decisions. Your anonymity is always maintained, ensuring a secure and privacy-compliant data sharing process.

How will I get paid?

You can cash out your earnings through various methods including PayPal, bank transfer, or even cryptocurrency, providing you with flexible payout options.

How does Datalis monetise my data?

By sharing your data on Datalis, you allow us to market insights derived from your data points to brands and advertisers. You earn a share whenever your data contributes to insights sold, and you can track and cash out your earnings through the Datalis app.

How is my privacy protected by Datalis?

Datalis is built with a privacy-first approach. We never ask for your name or any personally identifiable information. Moreover, our platform adheres to the CDR rules to ensure the highest quality of data protection, anonymizing your data before it's shared.

What kind of data can I share on Datalis?

You can share a variety of data such as location information, browsing history, and social media interactions. We are continually working on adding more connectors to enrich your data profile while ensuring the highest standards of data protection.

How do I join Datalis?

You can join Datalis by signing up for our waitlist. Being on the waitlist grants you early access and special incentives like zero commission on your earnings for the first year.

How does Datalis work?

With Datalis, you can create a data profile by selecting which data connections you wish to share. Our platform anonymizes your data, generating data points that are marketed to brands and advertisers. Whenever your data contributes, you earn a share which you can track and cash out via the Datalis app.

How do I pronounce Datalis?

Datalis is pronounced as 'Day-ta-lis.’

What is Datalis?

Datalis is a platform designed to empower you to control, manage, and earn from your data. In a world where data is constantly being traded, we provide a secure and transparent environment for you to monetize your data while maintaining your privacy.

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